Dust Devil Mining is For Sale

After twenty years of mining it is time for us to retire. Dust Devil Mining Company's owners have enjoyed many years of mining and promoting Oregon's Plush Sunstone. In that time, we have met some of the best gemstone cutters, carvers, designers, miners and rock hounds in the world. We have had experiences that could not be bought at any price. Oregon's Plush Sunstone has had a roller coaster ride during our time mining the worlds most beautiful gemstone. With the help of many people we have survived recessions, bureaucratic red tape,major equipment breakdowns, health problems and most dastardly, illegal artificial coloring of common labradorite to look like our top red and green gemstones.

If you are interested in buying Dust Devil Mining Co. please contact us by email or U.S. Postal mail for a prospectus. We may consider selling all or part of the company. The sale can be for sixteen claims and the sorting plant or all nineteen claims and 106.67 acres of private property adjacent to the known Sunstone bearing area. The total price will be determined buy the what is purchased and the terms of sale. The minimum down payment will be at least $500,000 (five hundred thousand dollars).

We WILL NOT sell individual claims. and we will not discuss price or terms with unqualified buyers.

Please click the Contact page to email us, or postal mail at;

Dust Devil Mining Co. P.O. Box 279 Cloverdale OR 97112 Nov. 1 to Apr. 15 or P.O. Box 55 Plush OR 97637 Apr. 15 to Oct. 31